When it comes to information, you can never really have too much! This section is dedicated to bringing you more in depth information that you may need. From policies to practices, this section is here for you to learn all about Harmony Massage Therapy.

Due to the rapidly changing situation with Covid-19 we must ensure everyone's safety


No staff member will be allowed to work who has symptoms of illness(cough, fever, cold, allergies, ect).


Couples Massage sessions will be done at the same time in separate rooms. 


We have hand washing stations and hand sanitizer available and will ask that you wash/sanitize upon arrival.


Staff at Harmony will be washing their hands even more frequently then usual.


We are avoiding all non essential touching (handshakes/hugs/ect.) between staff and clients.


Tools & implements used on clients as well as chairs, chair arms, and washing stations will be disinfected and sanitized between every use.


High use surfaces including door handles, light switches, and regularly touched objects will be disinfected and sanitized between every use.




Our Appointment Policy Updates:

If you are not feeling well or think you may be coming down with something please call to cancel your appointment. There will be no penalty for cancellation during this difficult period. Please give as much notice as possible but rest assured you will not be charged if you need to cancel last minute due to illness. Thank you and stay safe,

Harmony Massage